Seventh International Carillon Competition Queen Fabiola

The Seventh International Carillon-Competition Queen Fabiola will take place in Mechelen from June 25-28th, 2014. The competition is a pre-Congress event, forming part of the Congress of the World Carillon Federation (2014) to be held in Antwerp & Bruges.


Since being established in 1922, the Royal Carillon School "Jeff Denyn" has been committed to the advancement and prosperity of the art of the carillon. With this objective in mind, in 1987 with cooperation of the city of Mechelen, the school organized the first International Competition Queen Fabiola. In 2014, the seventh competition will take place. The school works in close cooperation with the city of Mechelen and the Royal Association for Tower and Carillon vzw.


This competition is undoubtedly the most important in the carillon world. It is also a strong stimulant for the recognition of the art of the carillon as an artistic performance of the highest standard. During the pre-selections, the five most promising participants will be selected. During the final round, these five players will compete for the first place prize.


The winners of former competitions used this competition to help build an international reputation: Geert D'hollander (1987), Boudewijn Zwart (1990), Gideon Bodden (1993), Tom Van Peer (1998), Twan Bearda (2003) and Kenneth Theunissen (2008).

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